Environmental Vegan

There is no Planet B, our goal is to help save the planet by limiting waste products and to reduce the harm on our animals by using vegan products.
Who we are
Natalie Alvarado-Lopez
My name is Natalie Alvarado-Lopez. I am a born animal lover. I currently own some chickens, rabbits, fish, a dog, and a pet rat. Animals were made for loving and nurturing. It's frustrating seeing all the pain and suffering that our animals go through. I can't imagine what those poor babies go through on a daily basis when they are being killed and abused and used for merchandise. The animals deserve better and so does our planet. We are killing our planet every day with all of the product waste and the non-reusable products we buy. We need to live better and buy smarter to save our planet and our animals. You don't have to be a strict eco- friendly vegan to make the world a better place, all it takes is a few small changes here and there.
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